Fairfax, VA (August 23, 2022) — ENODO rejoins the fight by launching a Proof-of-Concept designed to understand the cause and proliferation of suicide ideation, identify high-risk veterans, and interdict potential suicides.

ENODO’s Proof-of-Concept builds upon its Veterans Suicide Prevention Program (VSPP) to fill a critical gap in existing programs and initiatives, address changes in the culture surrounding veteran suicide, and leverage the dramatic increase in the volume and dissemination of social media discussions related to suicide.

The Proof-of-Concept uses advanced data analytics, customized social listening tools, and machine learning to isolate the identity, narratives, worldviews, sentiment, and logics of appropriateness that shape veteran’s perceptions and trigger their behaviors (i.e., depression, self-harm, and suicide).

For more information about the Proof-of-Concept click here.

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