Social Listening: Cryptocurrency Analysis

Astronomical returns in the cryptocurrency market generate excitement with investors, however, the decentralized unregulated, and highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency prevents investors from making prudent investments based on sound fundamentals.

To fill that void, ENODO Global built a customized Cryptocurrency Matrix that uses social listening, advanced data analytics, AI, and machine learning to aggregate disparately-sourced market signals and produce timely, accurate, sentiment-based investment indicators.


Our in-depth analyses are customized for each client to provide actionable information for decision making


Social Risk Investigation: Walmart India
Capability Demonstration: Cauvery River Dispute
Social Media Exploitation: Cannabis New York State
Capability Demonstration: Healthcare Advocacy


Capability Demonstration: "Giga Projects"
Specialized Analysis: Governorate of Syria Idlib
Social Risk Action Plan: Afghanistan
Outlook Report: Mozambique


Social Risk Investigation: Cabo Delgado
Social Risk Investigation: ExxonMobil
Ask ENODO Analysis: Sterlite Copper India
Social Risk Investigation: Niger Delta


Social Risk Investigation: ARAMCO Refinery

Social Risk Screening: Johnson & Johnson

Social Risk Screening: Walmart

Social Risk Analysis: Business Case


Social Media Investigation: Sesame Street India
Social Risk Investigation: National Rifle Association
Capability Demonstration: Wake Forest University
Social Risk Investigation: Ferrero Mexico


Ask ENODO Analysis: Saudi Influence on U.S.

Constituent Analysis I: Dominican Republic
Constituent Analysis II: Columbia Presidential
Capability Demonstration: Crowdsourced Polling


Social Risk Analysis: Malacca Straits

Specialized Analysis: Bhutan

Social Risk Action Plan: St. Louis, MO

Capability Demonstration: DC Public Schools