Our in-depth analyses are customized for each client to provide actionable information for decision making


Social Risk Investigation: Walmart India
Capability Demonstration: Cauvery River Dispute
Social Media Exploitation: Cannabis New York State
Capability Demonstration: Healthcare Advocacy


Capability Demonstration: "Giga Projects"
Specialized Analysis: Governorate of Syria Idlib
Social Risk Action Plan: Afghanistan
Outlook Report: Mozambique


Social Risk Investigation: Cabo Delgado
Social Risk Investigation: ExxonMobil
Ask ENODO Analysis: Sterlite Copper India
Social Risk Investigation: Niger Delta


Social Risk Investigation: ARAMCO Refinery

Social Risk Screening: Johnson & Johnson

Social Risk Screening: Walmart

Social Risk Analysis: Business Case


Social Media Investigation: Sesame Street India
Social Risk Investigation: National Rifle Association
Capability Demonstration: Wake Forest University
Social Risk Investigation: Ferrero Mexico


Ask ENODO Analysis: Saudi Influence on U.S.

Constituent Analysis I: Dominican Republic
Constituent Analysis II: Columbia Presidential
Capability Demonstration: Crowdsourced Polling


Social Risk Analysis: Malacca Straits

Specialized Analysis: Bhutan

Social Risk Action Plan: St. Louis, MO

Capability Demonstration: DC Public Schools