Social Risk /ˈsōSHəl ‘ risk / noun.


Exposure to adverse consequences stemming from

population-based activities and negative public sentiment.

We are an advisory firm redefining
the way businesses and governments
conceptualize risk across the globe

ENODO Global combines data analytics, social listening tools, and population-centric analysis to understand complex social dynamics, forecast and mitigate community-based risks, and develop engagement strategies to improve stakeholder relationships.

Deliver predictive analysis and real-time awareness

Enable clients to mitigate social risk and proactively shape their environment

Bridge the gap between technology, big data, and human understanding

Don't just be ready for the future. Shape it.

Our Core Services

Social Risk Analysis

At the heart of what we do. Our population-centric methodology enables us to uncover key and trending topics and measure their associated public sentiment to create ‘living’ analytical products that enable clients to understand and address Social Risk challenges near real-time.

Data Analytics

The backbone of our capability. Our technology platforms transform data into meaningful, actionable information and targeted recommendations. They are designed to satisfy the client’s unique requirements and tailored for the specific information, language, and cultural environments.

Social Media Monitoring

Delivers real-time awareness. Our social listening tools track changes in public sentiment and perceptions and monitor online narratives and behaviors to prevent and respond to crises more effectively and capitalize on opportunities in real-time.

Specialized Training

Social Risk training empowers decision-makers across geographies and industries. Our customized training enables leaders to recognize and avoid the pitfalls of Social Risk by incorporating a population-centric perspective into their risk models and engagement strategies.

Areas of Expertise


  • Security
  • Extractives
  • Finance
  • Campaigns
  • Marketing
  • Development


  • North America
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Southeast Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Central and Eastern Europe





Social Risk Solutions

Customized Data-driven, Population-centric Reports and Strategies
The Findings You Care About Most. As In-Depth As You Need.


Social Risk Reports

& Action Plans

Uncover underlying Social Risk factors. Identify population grievances, and pinpoint dominant identities to understand social contexts, improve public perceptions, and mitigate risks.

Social Media Reports

& Action Plans

Map information environments and detail online behaviors. Enable clients to understand why and how people talk about key issues and improve their ability to connect with target populations.

Constituent Reports

& Action Plans

Deliver key insights about voters. Enable campaigns, candidates, and politicians to bridge traditional demographic and issues-based divides by connecting with voters on the issues they care about most.

Current Initiatives

Our specialized services offer targeted solutions to complex problems.

Social Risk Seminar Series for Boards and Executives

Empower business leaders across industries

School Violence Mitigation Program (SVMP)

A proactive approach to mitigate threats and violence

Veteran Suicide Prevention Program (VSPP)

Uncover risk factors that trigger veteran suicide

Crowd-Sourced Policing Program (CPP)

Reduce crime by connecting police and communities

A Slippery Slope: The Social Risk of Taking a Stance

Citizens across the globe have lost faith in political leaders and governments they perceive as too corrupt and ineffective to carry out policies for social good. Many have instead turned towards company CEOs like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as...

ENODO Obtains SDVOSB Verification and GSA Contract Award

Fairfax, Virginia (March 5, 2019) – ENODO Global is a verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Approved Commercial Technology Vendor for the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) IT Schedule 70. The Department of Veterans Affairs’...

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