Fairfax, Virginia (September 5, 2018) – ENODO Global announced today the launch of its Social Risk Seminars to help organizations recognize and mitigate Social Risk, achieve organizational transformation, and gain the skills necessary to manage public perceptions in an increasingly complex social environment.

ENODO’s Social Risk Seminar delivers an executive level, 3-hour course that enables leaders to recognize, forecast, and manage the impacts of Social Risk. Participants receive a customized Social Risk Investigation that identifies challenges and opportunities specific to the organization and provides the information stakeholders need to design effective communication and engagement strategies to avoid controversy, protest, and other forms of disruption.

“Social Risk is the number one source of disruption in our world today and the greatest threat to public and private sector organizations across the globe,” stated ENODO Global CEO, Jim Sisco. “Through our seminars, we hope to educate leaders about Social Risk’s enormous impacts, and guide them in mitigating risks to their organizations.

Seminars are conducted in-person at the location of the organization or online upon request.

For more information please contact info@enodoglobal.com.


About ENODO Global

ENODO Global is the premier Social Risk Advisory Firm, providing services in Social Risk Analysis, Customized Data Analytics, and Specialized training. The Company develops Specialized Analyses of complex, dynamic, population-centric challenges, and creates intuitive, “living” business intelligence products. ENODO’s suite of products, services, and training courses are designed for government and corporate clients, from entry-level analysts to senior executives.

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