Fairfax, VA (March 15th 2024) — ENODO Global launched its Social Awareness training to fill the void left by divisive and ineffective Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

ENODO’s online and in-person training enables employees, managers, and business leaders to enhance corporate culture and optimize existing hiring, employment, and retention efforts by incorporating Social Awareness principals across their organizations.

Social Awareness is the understanding of opinions, beliefs, actions, and behaviors of individuals, groups, or communities. It forms the world in which identity, social structures, norms, and values are constructed and defines how individuals view and interact in the world around them.

Social Awareness training was developed in response to ENODO’s Social Listening Report that revealed major deficiencies with current DEI efforts. It is based on ENODO’s population-centric methodology that is used to shape and influence human perceptions and behavior. The training is designed to:

  • Align corporate culture with the identity of employees to optimize workforce performance.
  • Incorporate Social Awareness principals across a company’s business operations to shape perceptions and influence behavior—create a more harmonious workplace.
  • Help employees recognize and understand how heightened social awareness enables diverse thoughts and ideas to flourish within an organization.

“Social Awareness training delivers a viable alternative to ineffective DEI efforts that are viewed as virtue signaling, fail to produce measurable results, and in some cases, create toxic work environments,” stated ENODO’s President James Sisco

Email info@enodoglobal to receive a description of the available training.

About ENODO Global

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