Fairfax, VA (January 23, 2024) — ENODO Global and Trendency Research are proud to announce a strategic partnership that will combine their analytical capabilities to enhance decision-making and help organizations meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing environments.

The combination of Trendency’s dynamic surveys, non-binary questions, and multi-directional data with ENODO’s Social Listening tools and customized data analytics platforms delivers the most comprehensive understanding of public attitudes and beliefs associated with trending topics and major events. Our novel offering reveals the underlying factors that drive public sentiment, how they shape actions and behavior, and most importantly, how they impact organizations and companies that seek a competitive advantage in highly saturated and competitive markets.

“By combining our capabilities, we are able to deliver real-time awareness that enables our clients to accurately measure and forecast changes in public opinion,” stated ENODO’s President James Sisco.

“I am truly excited about this partnership,” stated Trendency Co-Founder and President Stefan Hankin. “The potential of our capabilities is limitless; together, we are providing a new approach to understanding consumer sentiment while also providing a way to mitigate a company’s risk exposure, all while safeguarding its brand and reputation.”

About Trendency Research: Trendency Research is a dynamic audience engagement platform changing the way that organizations understand and learn from their key stakeholders.
About ENODO Global: ENODO Global is a risk advisory firm that delivers Social Risk, predictive analysis, and specialized training to commercial and government clients across the globe.

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