Fairfax, VA (September 6, 2022) — The ENODO Consumer Sentiment Index (ECSI) for August revealed an increase in consumer sentiment after several months of steady decline.

Consumers expressed a sense of optimism about their current financial situation. Lower gas prices, positive market movements, and favorable employment reports increased positive perceptions of consumers’ current financial situation. However, their near and long-term outlook of the economy remained pessimistic. Chairman Powell’s comments on a potential interest rate hike shook the stock market, reignited inflation concerns, and increased discussions about a possible recession, which offset overall consumer sentiment.

The ECSI identifies specific issues and events that impact consumer sentiment through near real-time analysis that continually evolves with market changes. It provides unique insights on the economic conditions that shape consumers’ expectations and forecasts their behavior. ECSI offers analysts and investors a competitive advantage by revealing the economic landscape through the eyes of consumers.

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