Fairfax, VA (July 22, 2022) — ENODO Global used its proprietary data analytics platform to reveal how perceptions on climate change are impacted by identity, worldviews, misinformation, and cognitive, social and algorithm biases in the U.S. and Europe.

ENODO’s climate change report reveals how; (1) most people have limited knowledge or understanding of the origins and impact of climate change, (2) individuals are strongly influenced by their identity and worldviews, (3) public perception is highly polarized, (4) different biases impact identity, and (5) traditional media campaigns and paid advertising have little impact on climate change beliefs and public perception more broadly.

To view read the entire Climate Change report click here.

About ENODO Global

ENODO Global is a Social Risk advisory firm that combines advanced data analytics, social media exploitation, and a population-centric methodology to deliver real-time awareness and predictive analysis that enables clients to manage their risk exposure, increase profitability, and safeguard their brand.

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