Fairfax, VA (October 7, 2021) — Work stoppages, labor disputes, protests, and strikes against Mondelēz, Frito-Lay, Kellogg, and future problems brewing with HelloFresh illustrates profound effect of Social Risk on the food industry.

ENODO Global studied trends in the food industry over the past 12 months to reveal how social grievances like illegal immigration underpin online discussions that manifest into Social Risk events. ENODO conducted a case study using Mondelēz International to demonstrate how the company’s failure to address grievances resulted in a 35% increase in negative public opinion over a five (5) month period, which directly impacted the company’s brand and sales. ENODO’s Social Risk Analysis of the current Kellogg Strike, when combined with lessons learned from the Mondelēz report can be used by Kellogg’s leadership team to navigate the current crisis.

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ENODO Global is a Social Risk advisory firm that combines advanced data analytics, social media exploitation, and a population-centric methodology to deliver real-time awareness and predictive analysis that enables clients to manage their risk exposure, increase profitability, and safeguard their brand.

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