Fairfax, VA (July 2, 2020) — ENODO Global and SJR Group build upon the U.S. Fortune 100 CEO Leaderboard to deliver the FTSE 100 CEO Leaderboard to the U.K. market.

Analysts collected and analyzed over 2.4 million datapoints across the digital landscape to create the CEO Leaderboard.  The Leaderboard measured changes in public perception due to the behavior and communications of the top 100 FTSE CEOs listed on the London Stock Exchange during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Findings reveal how successful CEOs in the post-pandemic world cannot just focus on profit—they must support their people, customers, and communities to protect their brands.

“In today’s communication environment, public perception of a company’s CEO is a leading indicator of performance, and value and has a direct impact on a company’s stock price,” stated James R. Sisco, CEO, ENODO Global. 

About ENODO Global

ENODO Global is a Social Risk advisory firm that combines advanced data analytics, social media exploitation, and a population-centric methodology to deliver real-time awareness and predictive analysis that enables clients to manage their risk exposure, increase profitability, and safeguard their brand.

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