Fairfax, Virginia (March 29, 2018) – ENODO Global’s CFO, Bryan S. Bloom joins the Political Institutions and Accountability in LATAM Panel at the 2019 Wharton Latin American Conference (WHALAC) later today.

Drawing upon key insights uncovered through ENODO’s diverse work in the region, Mr. Bloom presents information on the current political landscape and anti-corruption agenda in Latin America.

“The current Latin American political landscape is experiencing significant changes due to increasing Social Risk related to corruption and impunity, which has enabled citizens to create change,” explains Bryan Bloom. “The region’s leaders require comprehensive strategies that enable them to understand and address citizens’ concerns through tailored narratives and targeted action.”

For additional information on the WHALAC conference, click here. For more information on ENODO’s work in the region, click here.

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