Fairfax, Virginia (Tuesday October 3, 2017) — ENODO Global completed its St. Louis Specialized Analysis to help police, public officials, and political leaders understand and address protests and the underlying Social Risk factors that propagate them.

Social media and online discussions provide a virtual bullhorn to unite individuals, amplify their grievances, and intensify protests. ENODO’s analysis reveals how protests are no longer exclusively localized actions. It demonstrates how law enforcement and government officials fail to understand and harness the power of social media and through disjointed responses often reinforce negative perceptions. The analysis also sheds light on how external influencers mobilize online communities and shape public perception, which polarizes protestors, St. Louis public officials, and police.

“There is an urgent need for police and city leaders to re-assess their approaches to manage social unrest and to engage citizens,” stated ENODO President Jim Sisco. “Real-time social media analysis is part of the solution. It provides a direct line to listen to and understand sentiment and view events through the eyes of the individuals, communities, and activist groups.”

For additional information about the St. Louis analysis, contact info@enodoglobal.com.

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