Fairfax, Virginia (Tuesday August 22, 2017) — ENODO Global completed its Bhutan Specialized Analysis to help the Kingdom of Bhutan manage the standoff over the Doklam plateau.

ENODO monitored Bhutanese public sentiment through a real-time social media analysis to demonstrate how social media is exacerbating tensions around the conflict and to identify ways for key stakeholders can harness social media to resolve the regional crisis.

The Bhutan Specialized Analysis reveals how different forms of social media create solidarity amongst the Bhutanese people, enable them to mobilize around shared beliefs, and amplify the Bhutanese voice to influence the power dynamics between the Chinese, Indian, and Bhutanese governments.

“The ongoing crisis in Bhutan illustrates the need for a population-centric approach combined with real-time, social media analysis,” stated ENODO President Jim Sisco. “Population-centric analysis provides a nuanced interpretation of the Doklam dispute and serves as a powerful conflict resolution tool, which ultimately enables the people of Bhutan to influence the outcome of the crisis.”

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