Fairfax, Virginia (July 10, 2017) — ENODO designed the Specialized Analysis Series to demonstrate how its population-centric methodology and customized data analysis platforms can pinpoint Social Risk factors across different geographic areas, regardless of the social, linguistic, and information environments.

Our Specialized Analysis Series currently includes analyses of conflicts in India, the Dominican Republic, and Morocco:

  • The Mandsaur India Report details an ongoing agrarian conflict fueled by Social Risk
  • The Dominican Report analyzes the changes in public perception regarding corruption and impunity
  • The Moroccan Report identifies the correlation between protest and terrorist activity

“The Specialized Analysis Series enables us to demonstrate the flexibility of ENODO’s platform,” stated ENODO’s President James R. Sisco. “We were able to overcome the unique data, language, and cultural challenges in each region to identify the Social Risk factors driving unrest and recommend measures to mitigate these factors.”

Findings from each report are guiding investment and security decisions for public and private sector entities. Future Specialized Analysis topics under consideration include: the tension between police and communities in the United States, changing public perception regarding anti-corruption initiatives in Guatemala, and the impact of crime in Saudi Arabia.

To view the reports, contact info@enodoglobal.com. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates.

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