Fairfax, Virginia (May 29, 2017) – Mr. Bryan Bloom, ENODO Global’s CFO joined Wharton Business Radio’s “Dollars and Change” to discuss ENODO’s unique approach to risk mitigation and social impact.

In the interview, Bryan introduced Social Risk concepts, their impact on specific industries and regions, the limitations of traditional approaches to measure and mitigate their impact, and ENODO’s identity-based methodology.

‘By focusing on a single variable like identity, ENODO is able to bring a repeatable scientific methodology to a previously inconsistent risk analysis process,’ stated Bryan. ‘Accurately quantifying social risk provides a competitive advantage to increase returns and avoid black swans.’

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About ENODO Global

ENODO Global is the only Social Risk advisory firm that delivers customized population-centric business intelligence, risk assessments, and predictive analysis to commercial and government clients across the globe.

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