Fairfax, VA (April 20, 2017) — ENODO Global’s President, Jim Sisco will join the “Community Stakeholder Engagement: Keys to Resilience and Sustainability” panel at the CSO Center’s 10th Annual Summit held in Arlington, VA on Tuesday April 25, 2017. The panel will introduce solutions to address contemporary security challenges. Mr. Sisco will present ENODO Global’s soft security approach that enables political and business leaders to understand and shape public perception and mitigate the impacts of Social Risk.

The CSO Center for Leadership and Development (CSO Center) is a members-only forum of senior security executives and their direct reports from the world’s largest organizations.

To view an overview of ENODO’s soft security capabilities, click here.

About ENODO Global

ENODO Global is a risk advisory firm that delivers Social Risk and predictive analysis to commercial and government clients across the globe.

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