Fairfax, Virginia (Friday, April 14, 2017) — The Saudi Gazette published an article titled Vision 2030: A Two-Way Conversation that discusses how Saudi government ministries and private companies can ensure the success of Vision 2030 by applying ENODO Global’s technology.

ENODO recently introduced their customized technology to harness the power of online discussions for large institutions to examine nation-wide trends and smaller organizations focused on localized issues in the Kingdom. Our technology platforms uncover sentiment across a population’s different demographic groups, provide immediate feedback to decision makers based on those perceptions, and enable planners to design targeted narratives and communication strategies to increase support for initiatives across these groups.

The article discusses how ENODO’s technology platforms combine big data analytics to manage information, natural language processing techniques to uncover the nuances of digital Arabic texts, and advanced machine learning tools to classify and learn from the various topics, narratives, and rhetoric used in online discussions.

To view a case study click here.

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