Fairfax, Virginia (Tuesday February 21, 2017) — ENODO Global completes Specialized Analysis for multinationals operating in Algeria.

“Algeria’s security environment presents significant challenges that prevent multinational oil and gas companies from safeguarding their operations,” stated ENODO President Jim Sisco.

“The inability of the Algerian government to provide effective security increases the risk of attacks from insiders and terrorist groups.”

Increased Social Risks compound the problems stemming from regional terrorist threats, economic malaise due to decreased energy prices, and political instability regarding the future leadership of the Algerian government. ENODO’s analysis is the first step for understanding this nexus of threats and help our client augment a disorganized government’s ability to manage a geographically diverse set of dynamic security challenges.

ENODO’s active intelligence platform: (1) creates autonomous indication and warning networks, (2) identifies threats to facilities, critical supply nodes, and transportation hubs, and (3) enhances existing security protocols.

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