Fairfax, Virginia (Thursday, January 5, 2017) — ENODO’s President co-authored an article with a former CIA analyst titled “Intel Under the Gun: The IC vs. Trump” in a January 5 post in Tom Ricks’ Best Defense channel at foreignpolicy.com.

“The Intelligence Community (IC) is irrelevant and on the verge of becoming obsolete…. The nominations of Lieutenant General Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor—a heretic within the IC with an axe to grind—and former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson—a business leader with a personal global network—will drive a wedge between the Trump White House and IC….Many of today’s national security threats aren’t particularly well suited for traditional intelligence collection and analysis.”

“To have a role going forward, the IC is going to have to change more than it has during its existence since the end of World War II.”

A more detailed version of the online article can be accessed on ENODO’s blog, where it is published under the title “The Intelligence Community: On the Verge of Becoming Obsolete.”

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