Washington, D.C. (June 23, 2016) — ENODO Global and Country Risk Solutions (CRS) have formed a strategic partnership to deliver customized business intelligence and risk mitigation solutions to multinational corporations and public sector clients.

CRS brings strategic geopolitical analysis that complements ENODO’s ground-level social risk analyses. Together, they deliver complementary insights and customized reports designed to help multinational corporations understand, anticipate, and mitigate previously unidentified risks that arise when operating in new regions. This in-depth risk analysis shortens project timelines and protects the bottom line.

CRS adds strong analytical capacity that refines and validates ENODO’s population-centric analysis. This enables clients to understand how contemporary issues impact investments. The collective capability helps to optimize investor resources, profitability, and future development opportunities.

“CRS brings expertise across multiple geographic areas that allows ENODO to expand our footprint and provide invaluable analysis to our clients,” stated Jim Sisco, President of ENODO Global.

“ENODO’s population-centric approach and unique methodology add an additional layer of insight to our analytical process,” added Daniel Wagner, CEO of Country Risk Solutions.


About Country Risk Solutions

CRS is a cross-border risk consultancy that adds value to investors, traders and lenders through highly insightful country risk analyses, primary pre-investment due diligence, and the acquisition of political risk insurance.

Contact: daniel.wagner@countryrisksolutions.com | (USA) +1-203-570-1005


About ENODO Global

ENODO Global is an advisory firm that conducts population-centric risk analysis to solve complex social problems in dynamic and challenging cultural environments.

Contact: info@enodoglobal.com | (USA) +1-571-403-9636