Alexandria, Virginia (Tuesday May 24, 2016) — ENODO Global introduces Social Risk Seminars for multinational corporations’ executives, boards, Chief Security Officers and Chief Risk Officers.

Social risk is a growing threat resulting from unresolved political, economic, and ethnic grievances, compounded by access to communications technology. Events are increasing in frequency and magnitude and manifest in the form of protests, strikes, litigation and violence.

Through real world experiences and contemporary case studies, ENODO’s President, Mr. James Sisco introduces a proactive approach to risk analysis. ENODO’s approach enables business leaders to understand the dynamics and impact of social risk on an organization’s risk portfolio.

Companies that ignore social risk in traditional risk analysis open themselves up to considerable losses. ENODO’s unique model uses a population-centric approach to pinpoint, forecast and mitigate the effects of social risk.


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ENODO Global is an advisory firm that conducts population-centric risk analysis to solve complex social problems in dynamic and challenging cultural environments.
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