Alexandria, Virginia (March 14, 2016) — ENODO Global’s President, Jim Sisco, will present with Michelle DiGruttolo of Ankura Consulting Group at Knowledge@Wharton’s 3rd U.S. – Cuba Corporate Counsel Summit in New York City on Tuesday. The event explores legal, regulatory, and other challenges facing U.S. organizations entering Cuban markets. Mr. Sisco will outline Cuba’s social risks and explain how investors can safeguard their investments and increase returns.

“I’m excited to work with Ankura on the Cuba project. Our combined capabilities will enable companies to make better informed decisions regarding investments in Cuba,” stated Jim Sisco, President of ENODO Global.

“Ankura is honored to be a sponsor of this summit. Understanding the geopolitical, economic, social and technological environment is key to understanding the potential for investment in Cuba. ENODO’s insight on the social influences is a core component to fully understanding investment opportunities,” stated Michelle DiGruttolo, Senior Managing Director and Head of Geopolitical Risk at Ankura.

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