Alexandria, Virginia (June 30, 2015) — ENODO Global has completed a Use Case to improve security for multinationals operating in Colombia. The Use Case delivers a stakeholder analysis and risk-mitigation strategies to safeguard companies’ operations from social unrest.

The nexus of threats between Colombia’s local indigenous populations, environmental groups, non-government organizations, political activists and criminal networks presents significant challenges for multinational corporations. Compounding these threats are coordinated asymmetric attacks and pressures on multinational companies and other highly visible foreign investors from local, national, regional and international entities. Many of these stakeholders are intent to coerce the Santos administration, shape social discord and provoke unrest with local communities to disrupt companies’ operations. If their motivations are not well understood and not addressed, such stakeholders have the potential to undermine companies’ current and prospective activities and disrupt their operations.

The Use Case combined with ENODO’s Colombia Quick Look Report deliver culturally attuned insights and understanding that enable companies to operate more effectively in Colombia’s complex, dynamic social environments.  See how ENODO can create a social risk strategy for your company.


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