Alexandria, Virginia (April 22, 2015) — ENODO Global’s president, Jim Sisco and Dr. Ajit Maan co-authored an article titled “The ‘kill/capture’ approach ain’t working for us: Narratives do better than drones” for Foreign Policy’s Best Defense blog by Tom Ricks. The article discusses how narratives are more powerful than drones when trying to shape the strategic environment in the war on terror.

The “kill/capture” approach to terrorist organizations, from a military perspective, has been relatively successful in removing the head from the snake—top leadership. Since President Obama took office there have been approximately 500 drone strikes and capture operations that have killed or captured over 3,300 terrorists.

Yet these operations not only have failed to eliminate al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, they have resulted in the proliferation of violent extremism by directly feeding into the narratives that support it.

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