Alexandria, Virginia (April 23, 2015) — Social Alignment-Cubed (SA3) is a unique operating platform that combines ENODO’s Social AlignmentTM framework with its population-centric methodology, advanced analytics and smart data collection tools.

SA3 is designed for companies to successfully operate in high risk environments. By uncovering a population’s identities, behaviors, and world views, SA3 enables decision makers to optimize resource allocation, identify and mitigate potential threats, safeguard reputational risk and reduce losses due to community conflicts.

“As social conflicts continue to escalate and undermine development potential, ENODO guides companies through complex social challenges to safeguard their investments,” stated ENODO’s president Mr. James Sisco.

Our publication describing the foundation and need of SA3 is titled Problems and Solutions for Modern Companies Operating in Complex Social Environments. The Executive Summary is available on our website. To view the article in its entirety, please contact us at


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