Alexandria, Virginia (April 20, 2015) — ENODO Global’s population-centric capabilities were discussed in an article that appeared in the April 2015 edition of Al Jundi Journal. Al Jundi is a monthly magazine published by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defense and primarily discusses military and cultural issues.

Mohammed Fahed Al Halabieh, editor for Al Jundi, writes about the smart and unique security solutions ENODO is able to provide to countries which are threatened by internal and external social, ethnic, or religious challenges. The article discusses how ENODO’s solutions proactively prevent disturbances and turmoil from occurring, due to a population-centric methodology and advanced software applications.

“I am pleased to see that ENODO’s capabilities are beginning to resonate with potential users as a non-kinetic solution to prevent conflict,” stated ENODO’s president Mr. James Sisco.

Link to April 2015 edition of Al Jundi Journal, which is in Arabic only (ENODO portion on page 18).


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