Alexandria, Virginia (April 10, 2015) — James Sisco, President of ENODO Global, was interviewed for a podcast that is part of the Strategic Thinkers & Leaders series.  The podcast was released today, April 10, 2015 at 8:00 am EDT.

The podcast series invites practitioners and thought leaders across different disciplines to discuss their views and experiences as they relate to strategic thinking and leadership. The goal of the series is to guide, develop, and encourage deep strategic thinkers and leaders.  In his podcast, Jim discussed how ENODO Global was designed to enable government and private sector leaders to make better informed decisions based on a deep contextual understanding of a culture’s world views, logics of appropriateness and narratives that exist within societies.

Jim talked about how his background and experiences shaped his personal beliefs on critical thinking and leadership and how it enabled him to design ENODO Global’s Social Alignment model and population-centric methodology for today’s dynamic, complex social environments.  ENODO’s products and services identify potential threats and identify opportunities to safeguard companies and organizations that operate or plan to invest in frontier markets and austere environments. ENODO’s approach delivers an effective alternative to traditional CSR and security.


About ENODO Global
ENODO Global is an analysis and advisory firm that conducts population-centric risk analysis to solve complex social problems in dynamic and challenging cultural environments.
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