Alexandria, Virginia (March 24, 2015) — ENODO Global has completed a population-centric analysis of Zambian society. The Zambia Quick Look focuses on the population’s sense of nationalism and desire for increased economic opportunity, potential impacts due to the country’s lack of economic diversity, and influences of the ethnically diverse population on companies operating in the country. The report also illustrates the need for effective community engagement strategies designed around local community needs and interests, through “shared value” programs to protect companies’ investments and safeguard their operations.

A summary of the report is below and the full report can be viewed at this link:

Over the past decade Zambia has shown fiscal and policy discipline, which has resulted in significant economic development and a fairly stable society. However, the current mining royalty and tax issues are symptoms of larger problems on the horizon. Moreover, Zambia’s growing wealth gap is creating political pressure on the government to redistribute wealth to the poor through higher mining taxes. These developments can jeopardize the economic and development progress made by the Zambians in recent years and can have significant negative impacts on companies currently operating or planning to invest in Zambia.


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