Alexandria, Virginia (March 3, 2015) — Lieutenant General (LTG) Mike Flynn (USA retired) stated “It is amazing to see how the private sector has advanced sociocultural analytics, which we identified in Afghanistan as a critical component to the counterinsurgency and a number of us championed during my time as the Director of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  With the majority of today’s complex array of threats originating from within societies, ENODO’s population-centric analysis is timely and required in today’s dynamic geopolitical, socioeconomic and ethnocentric environments, and will become more important in the future.”

ENODO Global’s methodology and approach originate from concepts introduced in the PRISM article titled “Left of Bang” that was co-authored by ENODO’s president Jim Sisco and LTG Flynn.  The article described how developing comprehensive understandings of cultures and minimal investments in community engagement activities, greatly outweigh the costs associated with violence or conflict when unaddressed. The concept, which was designed for military operations is now available to governments and private companies through ENODO’s services.

Mr. Sisco stated that “LTG Flynn had the foresight to lead the development of sociocultural capabilities and capacity within the U.S. military, and now that he is retired, I’m sure he will continue his efforts to introduce population-centric activities to the private sector.”


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