Jim Sisco, President of ENODO Global, wrote “How to change the narrative on violent Islamic extremism” in ForeignPolicy.com today.

Changing Narrative“Since the Charlie Hebdo attack in France, the dominant “narrative” in the news is centered on countering violent Islamic extremism. Unfortunately, the current narratives associate violent extremism with all or most Muslims, provide no credible solutions, and escalate the fear narrative that exists between Muslims and non-Muslims. Television and radio terrorism “pundits” provide their opinions on “no-go towns” in the United Kingdom (UK), radical extremist sleeper cells, terrorist networks, and al-Qaeda and ISIS influence around the world. They present ideas to counter extremism that focus on increasing security protocols, closing borders, restricting travel, and stepping up monitoring and surveillance activities against individuals and groups. This is evidenced by the recent UK and Kenyan terror laws, which are intended to counter radical extremism through heightened security measures, but also infringe on individual freedoms. These activities are reactive, lock both sides into a cycle of insecurity and conflict, and, most importantly, do not attack the root cause of the problem.”

Read the full article: http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/01/29/violent-islamic-extremism-narrative