Jim Sisco, President of ENODO Global, wrote an article, All Risk is Local, published today in E&P Magazine detailing solutions to community based risks for the oil, gas, and mining sectors. E&P Magazine covers the oil and gas industry providing insights on technologies, technical solutions and strategies in exploration, drilling, production and offshore field development.

Read the full article on E&P’s website: http://www.epmag.com/all-risk-local-761746.

“Security managers within oil and gas and mineral extraction industries are feeling the pinch. They seek solutions to counter an increased number of threats, including cyber intrusion and supply chain disruptions caused by communities, while simultaneously attempting to maximize profits. Traditional approaches focused on increased physical and technical security measures are costly and ineffective. The January 2013 attack on the Tigantourine gas facility near In Amenas, Algeria, provides a deadly example of how traditional security measures can fail to safeguard assets and personnel.”