Alexandria, Virginia (November 19, 2014) — Jim Sisco, President of ENODO Global, presented at the Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism conference held at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.  The conference, part of the Symposia at Shrivenham series, provides a forum to Government agencies, military and civilian, industry and research establishments for the exploration and exchange of experience and knowledge. Such multi-perspective open exchanges lead to constructive questioning and a synthesis of ideas in a relaxed but professional environment.

Jim’s presentation, titled Effective Counters to Terrorism & Violent Extremism, provided solutions for how governments and corporations can design and implement effective population-centric communications and engagement strategies. By adopting a proactive approach to counter civil unrest, institutions can delegitimize activist’s narratives and activities, diminish their influence and utility, and build cohesion between government institutions, companies, and communities. This allows for channeling of resources to address grievances in an ordered, constructive manner.

Link to download presentation slides.