Jim Sisco, President of ENODO Global, discusses why the current strategy against ISIS in Syria and Iraq will ultimately not succeed, and then provides recommendations for how to alter the strategy to achieve success and our desired outcomes.  Jim uses the ENODO Global’s population-centric approach to explain why ISIS has succeeded to the extent they have thus far and to develop more effective strategies to combat ISIS.

“The current strategy to ‘defeat’ ISIS will not work and will eventually evolve into a protracted campaign similar to the wars against terrorism, al-Qaeda, al-Shabab, and Boko Haram. As Chris Holshek explained on the Peace Channel, military means alone, delivered through air strikes and training Iraqi, Syrian, and Kurdish forces, cannot dislodge an ideology that is attempting to entrench itself into the social fabric of these societies…”

Foreign Policy Article: Fighting ISIS (II): To work, this must be more than just a military operation