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ENODO’s Social AlignmentTM Cubed (SA3) operating platform delivers unparalleled insights for today’s dynamic, complex social environments. Each step uncovers socio-cultural challenges and engagement opportunities that exist within populations. The outcomes are predictive risk assessments, tailored narratives, and customized engagement strategies to mitigate social risk.

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Social Alignment

ENODO’s process begins by applying the Social AlignmentTM framework to a particular target group or region. The framework uncovers identity layers, competing narratives, and world views that exist within a segment of the population. When blended with historical traditions and contemporary culture, it delivers deep contextual understanding that serves as the foundation to focus and structure data collection.

Data Collection

ENODO’s innovative data collection techniques mine news outlets, social media, and academic reports. Source data is compiled, filtered and analyzed across geopolitical, socioeconomic and ethnocentric conditions to populate the customized population-centric analysis. Local and regional on-the-ground networks are continuously leveraged to augment data collection, inform the methodology’s design, and validate outcomes.

Population-Centric Methodology

ENODO’s unique population-centric methodology analyzes the source data and interprets contextual understanding to reveal the social risks within the population. It dissects the target group across race, religion, ethnicity, and other demographics to identify the dominant identity and the basic needs of the target group. The methodology’s outputs predict the social risks that trigger unrest and facilitate the development of tailored engagement strategies.

Engagement Strategies-Solutions

ENODO’s engagement strategies provide a roadmap for clients to navigate complex social environments. Each strategy delivers recommendations that combine culturally attuned narratives to address underlying grievances and tailored initiatives to fulfill basic needs. This enables clients to establish a social license to operate and create enduring stakeholder relationships. Ultimately, clients safeguard their reputation, mitigate social risk costs, and improve the lives of communities.

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