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About Us

ENODO Global, Inc. is a risk advisory firm that utilizes a customized operating platform to understand complex social dynamics, forecast and mitigate community-based risks, and develop engagement strategies that establish enduring stakeholder relationships with communities.  The operating platform uses ENODO’s social alignment framework, population-centric methodology and predictive analysis methods to mitigate community risks associated with military operations, humanitarian assistance efforts, and economic development activities. ENODO’s capabilities have been proven effective in combat operations in Afghanistan and civil society movements across the globe.


ENODO was founded on the idea that private sector companies can utilize the same methodology and analytical approach developed for the military in community-based conflict zones. The concept of ENODO originated in 2006 when its founder and president, Jim Sisco, experienced first-hand the void between physical vulnerability assessments and geopolitical risk analysis, while serving as the military liaison to then President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.


Working with industry experts, ENODO modified and refined the design to create a framework, methodology and process for application in the private sector.  ENODO’s approach is specifically designed for companies operating in austere environments within emerging and frontier markets and has utility across multiple business sectors and industries. Our process identifies and segments various identity layers that reside within a population or target group.  By identifying specific identify layers, ENODO develops an in-depth, comprehensive understanding that uncovers and pinpoints the systemic drivers of instability. Our analysis goes beyond just knowing customs, traditions, and cultural norms. ENODO Global delivers population-centric risk assessments and predictive analysis that was not previously available in the private sector.


ENODO utilizes a customized technology to understand complex social dynamics, forecast and mitigate community-based risks, and develop engagement strategies that establish enduring stakeholder relationships. ENODO’s Social Alignment Cubed (SA3) platform combines advanced data analytics, a population-centric methodology, and predictive analysis methods to mitigate the impact of Social Risk.


ENODO Global delivers business intelligence solutions across multiple industries in any ethnic, religious, political or economic environment. We integrate our Social Alignment Cubed (SA3) operating platform within a company’s business model to solve industry specific challenges, optimize existing activities, and create long-term stakeholder relationships with our clients.


ENODO Global’s approach is radically different, we focus on populations — where the majority of today’s conflicts emanate — and their impact on our client’s operations. Our population-centric methodology pinpoints the systemic drivers of instability, accurately forecasts threats before they unfold, and delivers engagement strategies to mitigate their negative impacts.


Organizations require in-depth understanding of the environments where they operate to mitigate the impacts of Social Risk on their investments, personnel, and reputation. Existing risk mitigation strategies produce initiatives that are reactive, costly, and often exacerbate tensions between businesses and the communities where they operate.  ENODO Global created its Social Alignment Cubed (SA3) operating platform to uncover unique insights into populations and produce actionable business intelligence for decision-makers. SA3 combines ENODO’s social alignment framework and customized methodology with advanced data analytics to create a scientific and repeatable operating platform.  SA3 pinpoints the basic needs of a population, assesses their perceived and real grievances, and analyzes petabytes of information to continually monitor the alignment between business operations and community sentiment. Insights from SA3 uncover opportunities to shape stakeholders’ perceptions of an investment and identify opportunities to align operations that complement culture, norms, and beliefs. SA3 delivers a proactive approach to reduce the occurrence and impact of Social Risk events.


The process begins by applying the Social AlignmentTM framework to a particular target demographic, community, or region. The framework uncovers tensions, grievances, institutions, networks and narratives that exist within the chosen assessment area. When blended with historical traditions and contemporary culture, it delivers deep contextual understanding  of world views and identities that serves as the foundation on which to build focused data collection.


Innovative data collection techniques mine news outlets, social media, and academic reports. Source data is compiled, filtered, and analyzed across geopolitical, socioeconomic and ethnocentric conditions to populate the customized analysis. On-the-ground networks are leveraged to augment data collection, inform the methodology’s design, and validate outcomes.


Our population-centric methodology analyzes source data and interprets context to reveal the social risks within populations. It dissects the target group across race, religion, ethnicity, and other demographics to pinpoint the dominant identity and discover basic needs of a target group. The methodology’s outputs uncover Social Risk that can trigger harmful events while also facilitating the development of tailored engagement strategies.


Engagement strategies provide a roadmap to navigate dynamic social environments. Our strategies deliver culturally attuned narratives and tailored initiatives that address underlying grievances and fulfill basic needs. This enables clients to establish a social license to operate and create enduring stakeholder relationships, which ultimately help to safeguard the reputation of their organization, mitigate costs associated with social risk, and improve the lives of community members.

Find out more about our process and download a PDF version explaining our methodology.

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