ENODO Global | ENODO Analysis: Disruption to Delhi’s Water Supply
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ENODO Analysis: Disruption to Delhi’s Water Supply

Fairfax, Virginia (March 28, 2017) — ENODO Global completes a Social Risk  analysis responsible for Delhi’s water supply disruptions to help government and commercial organizations solve an ongoing and increasing problem.

The analysis examines the growing divide between the Delhi and Haryana governments, and local Haryana Jat leaders, which is responsible for Delhi’s water crisis, amplified social tensions, and caste grievances.

“The Cycle of Uncertainty reinforces the underlying grievances of the Jat community,” stated ENODO Global Director of Analysis for South Asia Dr. Aswin Subanthore. “Instead of engaging with the Jat community and their political leadership, the Indian and Delhi Governments chose to employ traditional security protocols, including the deployment of military units and construction physical barriers, which will only lead to increased tension, civil unrest, and violence.”

ENODO’s analysis is the first step to understand the underlying grievances driving the Jat social unrest.  By developing tailored engagement strategies to mitigate the source of unrest the Jat community, multinational corporations, and local & national governments can build an enduring relationship and end the water crisis.

To view the presentation, click here. To view the detailed report, please contact info@enodoglobal.com. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates.

About ENODO Global

ENODO Global is a business intelligence firm that delivers Social Risk analysis and predictive analysis to commercial and government clients across the globe.

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